Chinese name: sodium magnesium lithium silicate

English name: Silicon acid, lithium magnesium sodium salt

CAS No.: 53320-86-8

Molecular formula: LiMgNaO6Si2

Molecular weight: 206.40317

EINECS No. 258-476-2

Sodium magnesium lithium silicate is mainly applicable to the following aspects:


Latex paint, water in water multicolor paint, transparent paint and varnish, industrial and protective paint, antirust paint, water-based reducible acid paint, wood colorant, wood varnish, automotive OEM and repair paint, etc.

Surface coating

Paint pigments, decorative and architectural finishes, embossed coatings

Paper and plastic film

Electrostatic discharge coating, ink-jet coating, inert protective ink, anti powder coating, paper sizing agent, industrial specialty paper, etc


Facial cosmetics - facial mask, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, shaving cream; Skin care products --- cream, cream, lotion; Eye cosmetics - eye shadow cream, eye shadow cream, eye black; Lip cosmetics --- lipstick lipstick; Skin health products --- sunscreen products (cream, milk, water), antiperspirants, deodorants; Cleaning products --- shampoo, shower gel; Others --- hair removal cream, skin care cleanser, nail polish, hair growth agent, shampoo.

Household preparations

Gel and bleach detergent, carpet cleaner, acid toilet cleaner, air freshener, anti-static products, anti re pollution agent, automatic dish washing detergent, oven detergent, etc.


Toothpaste adhesive.


Seed germination gel, plant rooting gel, agrochemical suspending agent, herbicide, pesticide, basic element suspending agent, etc


Nano silver antibacterial powder, etc.

Other industries

Printing ink, pigment suspending agent, mold release suspending agent, processing aids, grinding paste, oil drilling fluid, ceramics, ceramic glaze, casting paint, latex, retarder, tile adhesive, wood adhesive, essence, pigment, pigment or enzyme preparation carrier, etc.