Chinese name: Karbaum

English name: Carbomer 940

CAS No.: 9003-01-4

Molecular formula: C5H10O2

Molecular weight: 102.1317

Chemical properties This product is a white powder. It is infinitely miscible with water.

It is used to prevent scaling in circulating cooling water systems of power plants, iron and steel plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, oil refineries and air conditioning systems.

Uses: Used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment. Good compatibility. It can also be treated before drinking water. It is used to separate red mud in the preparation of alumina. It is used for refining brine in chlor alkali plant.

Used to prepare finishing agent for leather and some high-grade goods, and to make acrylic resin paint, etc

Used to fix chromium salt, aid tanning, reduce chromium pollution, etc

Used to improve the processability of PVC

Used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, quenchant, thickener, etc

Used as leather finishing filler, textile size and water quality stabilizer

Uses Used in the manufacture of acrylic resin paint. It can be used as film forming agent and adhesive in leather finishing agent, and also used in the manufacture of polyacrylic resin emulsion paint, etc

It is widely used in the decoration of light leathers such as face leather, garment leather and glove leather. It can enhance the bending resistance, elongation, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of the leather. It is the main film forming agent for modifying grain leather with pigment paste.

It is mainly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. As ointment, it can promote the absorption of Grifola, and can also be used to control the release of drugs.

Carbomer, also known as carbomer, is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by crosslinking pentaerythritol with acrylic acid. It is a very important rheological modifier. The neutralized carbomer is an excellent gel matrix, with important uses such as thickening and suspension. With simple process and good stability, it is widely used in lotion, creams and gel.