English name of thiobetaine: Sulfobetaine. Sulfo represents "sulfur" element, which is translated as "thio", while beta means betaine.

Chemical name of thiobetaine: dimethyl- β- Dimethylphen acetate (DMT for short),


Molecular formula: C4H8O2S · HCl,

Molecular weight: 156.63.

Other names: Dimethylsulfoacetic acid (DMSA)

Traits of thiobetaine

Thiobetaine is white crystal, hygroscopic and has a special smell.

Usage of thiobetaine

Applicable objects

Freshwater fish: carp, crucian carp, eel, eel, rainbow trout, tilapia, etc;

Sea fish: Pseudosciaena crocea, red sea bream, turbot, etc; Crustaceans: shrimp, crab, etc.

Usage and dosage

This product can be added to feed in various forms, such as premix, concentrate, etc. The scope is not limited to aquatic feed, but also fishing bait. This product can be added directly or indirectly, as long as the food attractant can be mixed with the feed evenly.

Recommended dosage: shrimp: 200-300g/t full price material; Fish: 50-100g/t full price material.

200~400g pure food is added to each ton of feed, and 0.4~1g/Kg bait is recommended for fishing.

When used as fishing bait, the effect is significant when the water temperature is high in spring, summer and autumn and there is slight hypoxia. It performs well in the hypoxic water area, with a large number of fish and a long duration.

[Storage method]: Sealed, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, pay attention to moisture.

[Package specification]: 25kg.

[Packing type]: bagged or barreled.

[Shelf life]: two years.

[Product purity]: ≥ 98.5%.